The Master of Science in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution provide advanced training for First Cycle Degree holders in Biology, Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine or other related degrees for those students who wish to obtain a Postgraduate degree in the area of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology or who wish to improve their knowledge aiming at applying it in nature conservation issues.

All levels of organization will be studied from the gene and genome level to that of populations and ecosystems. The programme intends to provide advanced training in the use of new analytical methods and new technologies, particularly in the application of geographic information systems and techniques of molecular and populational genetics.

Scientific Committee
David Afonso da Rocha Gonçalves
Master Course Director

António Emilio Ferrand de Almeida Múrias dos Santos

Paulo Célio Pereira Martins Alves

Course Director:
Postgraduate Section:
Postgraduation Office (Vairão Campus):