:: If you are a national student, you must have proof of enrollment in the university and the school insurance statement for the period of your stay.

:: If you are an international student, you should also register as a student at the University of Porto and make sure the process is complete before you arrive at CIBIO to enjoy the advantages of being a student. Students IN - Online Application – University of Porto
Note: In all forms  (such as learning agreements) from the Sending Institution must be filled in with the Host institution as FCUP, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, Department BIOPOLIS/CIBIO.

:: This registration is only valid if pre-registration is done by the Host Supervisor.

:: We remind you that all documents related to your stay at CIBIO should be managed with CIBIO post- graduation office.  Documents for the host institutions are only valid with the CIBIO stamp.

A copy of this form will be sent to the above e-mail after submission