Diva Maria Borges-Nojosa | Friday, September 5, 2014 | 14h30 | CIBIO’s Auditorium, Campus de Vairão




On the 5th of September, Diva Maria Borges-Nojosa will present the casual seminar “The Relictual Areas of Atlantic Forest (Brejos-de-altitude) in Northeastern Brazil and their Herpetofauna”, on behalf of the AP Group.


In the semi-arid region of Northeast Brazil are relict areas of Atlantic forest known as brejos-de-altitude or brejos-nordestinos, located at elevations with different climatic conditions in the areas of Caatinga and strong contrast of ecological character. These areas are covered by rainforest, with the typical flora and fauna of Atlantic and Amazonian forests, but with endemic species, which form unique faunas. The researchers of NUROF-UFC (Regional Center of Ophiology of the Federal University of Ceará) have been studying the herpetofauna and mammals in these areas for twenty years, and are currently developing a project in partnership with CIBIO-InBIO, researching the relationship between wealth, beta-diversity and altitudinal gradients in these mountains. Some theories are being tested to evaluate the influence of altitude and environmental characteristics in the diversity of amphibians and lizards from the ground to understand the biogeographic patterns for the brejos-de-altitude and provide important data for the conservation of biodiversity and endangered species of these areas.


Diva Ma. Borges-Nojosa works as researcher at the Federal University of Ceará since 1992 (Associate Professor II). She is coordinator of NUROF-UFC (Regional Center of Ophiology of the Federal University of Ceará) and orients the Postgraduate courses in Ecology and Natural Resources (PPGERN) and Education in Science and Mathematics (ENCIMA), both in the UFC. She graduated in Biological Sciences from the Federal University of Ceará, obtained Masters in Biological Sciences (Zoology) at the Federal University of Paraíba and Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (Zoology) in January -Rio National Museum / UFRJ, where she presented a thesis on the biogeographical relationships of relictual areas of Atlantic Forest in the Northeastern Brazil (brejos-de-altitude). Later, she did postdoctoral in Portugal, in CIBIO-University of Porto. Conducts research in the area of Herpetology, with emphasis on systematics, zoogeography and ecology, especially in the environment of the brejos-de-altitude, in semi-arid northeastern Brazil and coastal areas. Also develops projects for Environmental Education and Research Disclosure, usually related to herpetology and endangered species. She is integrated into James Harris’ Group – Applied Phylogenetics.


Host: James Harris, Applied Phylogenetics


Image credits: Diva Maria Borges-Nojosa

Landscape - Ibiapaba upland (Ceará, Brazil) | Reptlie - Leposoma baturitensis (endangered species)


Note: This seminar will be presented in Portuguese (with the content of the slides in English)