Marco Rebelo, ICNF, IP, Portugal | November 29, 2017 – 14h00 | CIBIO-InBIO’s Auditorium, Campus de Vairão




From the adoption of the Convention on Biological Diversity in 1992 to the publication of Decree-Law 122/2017 in September 21th, the historical and legal frameworks of the current regime on access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising out its utilization (ABS) will be addressed. The main ABS notions and concepts will be presented with the main purpose of informing users of genetic resources of their rights and obligations under the current ABS regime.

Marco Rebelo graduated in International Relations in 1999, and further graduated in Advanced Studies in Public Management in 2008. Since January 2016 he is responsible for the Division of International and Strategic Affairs in the Planning and International Affairs Department of the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests, with the responsibility of ensuring the preparation, review and pronunciation on ICNF strategic instruments and plans, and of accompanying and proposing national positions on multilateral and European Union processes and agreements. Since January 2009, he is the national focal point of Portugal for access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from its utilization, ensuring Portugal's representation in the Nagoya Protocol and the European Union fora dealing with ABS. He was responsible for coordinating the Working Group on ABS (RCM 49/2014, of 22 of October) and is currently responsible for the development and application of the ABS regime in Portugal.


[Host: Sandra Aresta, ENVMETAGEN Project]


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