Culum Brown (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia) | July 27, 2017 – 12h00 | CIBIO-InBIO’s Auditorium, Campus de Vairão




The Fish Lab at Macquarie University studies a wide variety of questions mostly pertaining to behaviour, ecology and evolution in fishes. Our study organisms are equally diverse ranging from native freshwater fish, invasive pest species and elasmobranchs. In this talk I'll provide a brief overview of the current research projects going on in the lab, most of which involve sharks and rays.

Culum has made a significant contribution to the study of behavioural ecology of fishes over his career. His research niche lies in the study of fish behaviour and its application to fisheries science, with his most significant contribution being enhancing our understanding of fish cognition and behaviour. Culum is a well-known champion of fish intelligence. All but six of his 90 peer reviewed papers and one of his 9 book chapters have fishes as the primary focus. Collectively he has 100+ publications which have been cited over 4700 times and he has an H-index of 35. He is in the top 5% of researchers in Research Gate.


[Host: Nuno Queiroz, Ecology and Evolution of Aquatic Organisms]


Image credits: The New York Times/Taronga Zoo