Catarina Teixeira (CIBIO-InBIO/ UP) | December 2, 2016 | 14h30 | CIBIO-InBIO’s Auditorium, Campus de Vairão




The garden of the Nursing School of Porto is located in Northern Porto, Portugal. It is strategically disposed in a dynamic urban area, near a University Campus and between two major public healthcare facilities. The garden resulted from a well-organized Landscape Architecture project of 1973 and still embraces some remarkable trees that, after 40 years, are performing multiple and irreplaceable services. Nevertheless, the green structure is weakened by phytosanitary problems (strong attack of aphids) and an overall maintenance disaster. Constrains and opportunities were explored in order to create a reflected proposal of requalification. The layout of the space was adapted, eliminating the existing problems and fulfilling the necessities. A complementary planting plan was design with three main focuses: 1) integrate plant species attractive to natural enemies of aphids; 2) simplify the maintenance needs providing plant species with low maintenance levels; 3) promote the well-being and refuge by adopting plant species with restorative effect.


Catarina Teixeira has graduated in Landscape Architecture in 2014 at the Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto. In 2016 she has joined the LPDM team as a master student and she has recently presented her master’s dissertation in Landscape Architecture at the same institution in which she has developed a Requalification Project for the garden of the Nursing School of Porto. This project had a research component related to plant services and its application in the design process of green spaces. This work was oriented by the Professor and Landscape Architect Cláudia Fernandes. Catarina’s research interests focus on planting design, urban ecology and plant services.


Image credits: Catarina Teixeira