Ezequiel Fabiano (Department of Wildlife Management and Ecotourism at the University of Namibia) | December 2, 2015 | 15h30 | CIBIO-InBIO’s Auditorium, Campus de Vairão




The Angolan Carnivore Project is a project aimed at improving the status of knowledge of large carnivores while simultaneously empowering Angolan nationals with the necessary knowledge for more efficiently conserve these apex predators. It builds largely on the extensive work of the world’s leading organization - Cheetah Conservation Fund, Namibia. This talk will give an overview of the project’s road map and preliminary results from a multi-detection survey conducted at the Iona National Park, Angola.


Dr. Ezequiel Fabiano is based with Department of Wildlife Management and Ecotourism at the University of Namibia and the Principal Investigator of this project. He has over a decade in experience in cheetah and other carnivores’ conservation.


[Host: Nuno Ferrand, Population Genetics, Hybridization and Speciation, and Raquel Godinho, Conservation Genetics and Wildlife Management]


Image credits: Ezequiel Fabiano