Pedro J. Esteves | November 11, 2011 | 14h30 | Auditorium, Campus de Vairão

Pedro J. Esteves a researcher in the Genetic Aspects of Host-Parasite Interaction group, will give a seminar entitled "An overview of the research developed by Genetic Aspects of Host-Parasite Interaction" on 11th of November, at 14.30, in Campus Agrário de Vairão auditorium.


The major interest of "Genetic Aspects of Host-Parasite Interaction" Group is to study the host-parasite co-evolutionary processes by monitoring changes in the genetic content of populations of a model species, the European rabbit (O. cuniculus), in relation to two epizootics that have decimated wild populations in the recent past (i.e. Myxomatosis and RHD).
The group is also interested in studying other diseases in leporids, like EBHS that is affecting several hare species (Lepus sp.).

The main objective is to study the genetic variation at host (rabbit and hares) candidate genes that confer resistance against these diseases, because these are the prime candidates for undergoing adaptive evolutionary change.
Insights in the actual changes at the molecular level should contribute to a documented evaluation of current models of parasite-host co-adaptation, and of the role of infectious disease in shaping the recent evolution of the rabbit and hare species.