Spatial conservation prioritization: concepts, methods and applications

October 8-10, 2019


Movement ecology

October 23-25, 2019


Introduction to R

November 04-08, 2019

  Island marine biogeography: a comprehensive overview
25-28 November, 2019 
  Multivariate statistics for ecology and evolution
20-24 January, 2020 
  Ecological niche modelling from theory to practice
17-21 February, 2020 
  Advanced population dynamics
20-24 April, 2020 
  Introduction to programming for bioinformatics using Java
28-30 April, 2020 
  DNA Metabarcoding: methods and applications in ecology
18-22 May, 2020
  Museum techniques in the 21st century (birds and mammals)
26-29 May, 2020 
  Theoretical perspectives on biodiversity and biogeography
29 June-03 July, 2020 
  Archaeogenomics of domestic animals
Dates to be announced
  Landscape genetics
Dates to be announced