Ongoing theses


Agusto Luzuriaga. Origin and Selection Patterns of Chickens in South America. Supervisor: Albano Beja-Pereira.


Alexander Enrique Gómez Lépiz. Small mammals distribution and genetic diversity along altitudinal gradients in Costa Rica. Supervisors: Paulo Célio Alves, Jeremy Searle.


Alexandra Isabel Martins Lima. Comparative phylogeography of selected reptiles from Madagascar: na integrative approach. Supervisors: James Harris, Miguel Vences


Ana Mafalda Sousa Ferreira. The genetic basis of adaptive traits in a natural system: seasonal coat color change and altitude adaptation in white-tailed jackrabbits (Lepus townsendii). Supervisors: José Melo Ferreira.


Ana Sofia Lino Vaz. The dynamics of forest ecosystem services and disservices — socio-ecological interactions in forest landscapes under global change. Supervisors: João Honrado, Domingo Alcaraz-Segura


Ana Teresa Pinto. Recovery of Mediterranean forests under farmland abandonment: regeneration processes, management strategies, and implications for the delivery of ecosystem services. Supervisors: Pedro Beja, João Honrado


André Filipe Plácido Lourenço. The role of distance, environment and genetic demography on contemporary genetic differentiation in an amphibian species with intraspecific variation on reproductive strategies. Supervisors: Guillermo Velo-Antón, Ian Wang


Armando Cinturão Semo. Genetic diversity of human populations from Mozambique: implications for the Bantu expansion // Estudo da Diversidade Genómica dos Povos de Moçambique: Contribuição para a Reconstrução da História das Expansões Bantu. Supervisors: Jorge Macedo Rocha


Bárbara Rosa da Fonseca Santos. Host-microbiome relationships: Linking microbiome diversity and functions within the host tissues using metagenomics and metatranscriptomics approaches.Supervisors: Angelica Crottini, Miguel Vences


Beatriz Tomé Neto Queirós. Patterns and factors shaping host-parasite relationships: a multi-parasite approach in reptiles. Supervisors: Ana Perera


Bruno André Santos Marcos. "Fire disturbance and functional dynamics of terrestrial ecosystems – A remote-sensing framework to analyse severity, recovery and resilience". Supervisors: João Honrado, Mário Manuel de Miranda Furtado Campos Cunha, Domingo Alcaraz-Segura 


Carlos Magno Martins Vila-Viçosa. Phylogeographic inference of Galliferae (Spach) Gurke subsection (Quercus L. Fagaceae) in Western Mediterranean Region. Supervisors: Rubim Almeida, Cristina Garcia


Claudia Meneghesso. Upwelling and Biodiversity in a Climate Change context. Supervisors:Fernando Pádua Lima, Michael Timothy Burrows


Denis Ricardo Isidro Medinas. BATCONNECT - An integrative approach combining molecular, behavioural and ecological data to assess the effects of roads on bats. Supervisors: António Paulo Pereira Mira, Ana Márcia Enes Barbosa, Hugo Emanuel Vitorino Rebelo


Diana Carina da Costa Lobo. A genome-wide perspective on the evolutionary trajectory of wolves in human-dominated landscapes. Supervisors: Raquel Godinho, John Archer


Duarte Nuno Vasconcelos Gonçalves. Integrative inference of evolutionary patterns of desert herpetofauna from West-Africa. A spatial and temporal multi-scale approach. Supervisors: José Carlos Brito, D. James Harris, Salvador Carranza


Fábio André Carvalho dos Santos. Optimizing global biodiversity conservation priorities in a changing world. Supervisors: Miguel Araújo, Diogo Alagador


Fernando António Pereira da Silva Ferreira Seixas. Assessing the Role of Cytonuclear Coevolution and Coadaptation in Massive Mitochondrial DNA Introgression. Supervisors: José Melo Ferreira, Pierre Boursot, Paulo Célio Alves


Filipa Matos Silva Martins.Towards Next-generation Biodiversity Monitoring: Improving Freshwater Quality Assessment using DNA Metabarcoding. Supervisors:Pedro Beja ,Paulo Célio Alves, Johan Michaux 


Francisco Nicolau Loureiro de Amorim. Effects of a large reservoir on the populations of a crevice-dwelling species: a case study with the unknown European free-tailed bat (Tadarida teniotis). Supervisors:Hugo Rebelo, Stephen Rossiter 


Gholam Hosein Yusefi Mammals at the crossroad: past history, present status and the future trends of Iran mammals. Supervisor: José Carlos Brito


Guilherme Miguel Caeiro Dias. Understanding speciation: a multidisciplinary assessment of hybrid zones using a lizard species complex as model. Supervisors: Pierre André Croche, Catarina Pinho


Helena Isabel Rio Maior Palma de Oliveira. Behavioural and ecological determinants of large carnivore persistence in highly humanized landscapes: the case of wolves in Northwest Iberia. Supervisors: Francisco Álvares, Pedro Beja


Helena Sofia Viana dos Santos. Combining molecular analyses with predictive modelling to study the population history of Iberian cryptic bats: lessons from the past to better predict the future. Supervisors: Hugo Rebelo, Francisco Javier Juste Ballesta


Iolanda Raquel da Silva Rocha. Biological Invasions in the Mediterranean Islands: environmental impact evaluation on reptiles Supervisors: Miguel Carretero , Gentile Francesco Ficetola


Joana Beschorner da Veiga. Estruturação e diversidade genética em populações de bugio ruivo (Alouatta guariba clamitans) após epizootia de febre amarela no sul do Brasil. Supervisors: Nadia Moraes-Barros 


Joana Mendes. Molecular evolution and phylogeny of Lacertids: implications for biogeography, taxonomy and conservation. Supervisors: David James Harris, Salvador Carranza.


João Francisco Fernandes Gonçalves. An integrated framework for cost-efficient biodiversity monitoring and ecological change assessment at regional and local scales. Supervisors: João Honrado, Casper A. Mucher


João Pedro Nogueira Marques. The role of natural selection in species genomic differentiation and admixture: a comparative approach in hares and mice. Supervisors: José Melo-Ferreira, Pierre Boursot


Juan Carlos Aguirre Pabón. "Understanding the role of evolution and adaptation in invasive marine invertebrates using genomic tools. Supervisors:António Múrias Stephen Joseph Sabatino


Kevin Patrick Mulder. Using genomic techniques to look at adaptation in the large genomes of amphibians. Supervisors: Guillermo Velo-Antón, Anna Savage, James Harris.


Luís Carlos Rodrigues Machado. Species delimitation and molecular evolution of the mitochondrial genome in reptiles. Supervisors: James Harris, Daniele Salvi, Salvador Carranza


Luís de Oliveira Rijo Gordinho. Divergent selection and reproductive isolation: an empirical study on Reed Buntings. Supervisors: Dennis Hasselquist and Júlio Neto


Luís Filipe Pinho Rocha. Rebuilding a unique ecosystem in Africa: The Gongorosa National Park, Mozambique. Reintroducing big mammals and the follow-up of their expansion dynamics, analyzing patterns of biological diversity. Supervisors:Nuno Ferrand de Almeida


Marco Sannolo. Reptiles under the sun: using Podarcis lizards to analyse the biological responses to thermal fluctuations in the environment. Supervisors: Miguel A. Carretero


Margarida Ladeira Felício Gonçalves. Evolutionary history of the Roan antelope: phylogeography, population genomics and admixture. Comparative phylogeography of Hippotragus genus, conservation and management genetics. Supervisor: Raquel Godinho


Małgorzata Anna Gazda. The Genetic Basis of Divergent Vocalizations in Singing Birds. Supervisors: Miguel Carneiro,Leif Andersson, Ricardo Lopes


Mário André Barros da Cunha. Selection and conflict within the male's brood pouch. Supervisors: Nuno Monteiro, Anders Bergliund.


Mário Rui Mota Ferreira Modeling species distributions across stream networks using time to first detection. Supervisor: Pedro Beja


Marisa Graziela Cerqueira Vedor Assessing impacts of oxygen minimum zones (OMZs) on habitat preferences of pelagic sharks and the consequences for species
susceptibility to exploitation Supervisors: Nuno Queiroz, Rui Rosa


Nasser Al-Araimi. Genomic diversity, conservation and origins of the local Omani livestock species. Supervisor: Albano Beja-Pereira


Patrícia de Sousa Pereira. “Is the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) a good animal model to study HIV-1 pathogenesis and virus-host interactions?”. Supervisors: Oliver T. Keppler, Pedro Esteves.


Pedro Alexandre de Magalhães e Andrade. Uncovering the genetic basis of bird migration.Supervisors: Miguel Carneiro, David Gonçalves, Sophie Lumineau


Pedro Jorge Lobo Martins Coelho. Biomechanical performance differences between scorpion ecomorphotypes. Supervisors: Arie van der Meijden, Walter Federle.


Sandra Cristina da Costa Moreira Reis.Effects of anthropogenic habitat changes in disease transmission and vector-host-parasite dynamics in the endemic-rich bird communities of São Tomé and Príncipe Islands. Supervisors: Claire Loiseau, Martim Melo 


Sandra Raquel da Silva Oliveira. Inferring the demographic history of Soutern Angola: a key region for understanding human settlement in southern Africa. Supervisors: Jorge Rocha, Mark Stoneking.


Teresa Luísa Ferreira da Silva. Combining ecological niche-based modelling and landscape genetics for conservation planning of endangered North African gazelles. Supervisors: José Carlos Brito, Paulo Célio Alves, Teresa Abaigar


Vanessa Cristina Alves Mata. Bats and ecosystem services: a metabarcoding approach to the role of bats in agricultural fragmented landscapes. Supervisors: Pedro Beja, Hugo Rebelo, Gary McCracken


Vânia Filipa Pereira da Costa. Massive genomic approach to disentangle cattle demographic history. Supervisors: Albano Beja-Pereira, Gordon Luikart


Virgínia Maria Marques Pimenta Castro. Human-carnivore conflicts: risk assessment of wolf depredation on livestock and its management implications.Supervisor: Pedro Beja


Verónica Alexandra Seixas Gomes Does morphology matter? Unravelling the evolutionary significance of morphological variation in Podarcis wall lizards Supervisors: Antigoni Kaliontzopoulou. Miguel Carretero


Walter Cocca. Studying the processes of species diversification using the adaptive radiation of the mantellid frogs of Madagascar (Anura: Mantellidae) as a model system. Supervisors:Angelica Crottini, Franco Andreone, David Edward Alexander James Harris